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ONLY ON: Kaptur concerned Ohio EPA withholding test results: Toledo's Friday night toxins test came back at almost three parts per billion

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur
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During a US EPA conference call this afternoon Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur complained that the Ohio EPA is withholding water test results taken from Toledo's water system.

And she urged the US EPA pressure the Ohio EPA to provide those results.

During the conference call it was also revealed the next test batch won't be finished until late Sunday night.

The Ohio EPA did not take part in the call.

"The public has a right to know," Kaptur said to Region 5 Administrator Susan Hedman.

USEPA stated that although it is performing the tests on samples from the Toledo plant and distribution facilities, the Ohio EPA in fact has "the lead" in the investigation. Administrator Hedman said the agency would make an effort to get clearance from the state EPA.

"Whether it's the state EPA or the federal EPA makes no difference. The public deserves transparency," Kaptur said.

The US EPA also says it has validated Toledo's Friday night test result at almost three parts per billion..The World Health Organization standard is 1 part per billion.

The conference call also revealed that Toledo's water plant has changed Chlorine levels in the plant. It's all a part of gaining consistency in the city's testing of water samples.

Congresswoman Kaptur also noted that although the USEPA has the most sophisticated analytical capability and ability to interpret information, the agency has not been present at any meeting or any media opportunity during the entire crisis.

We're tracking these breaking developments and will have the latest for you as we learn it.

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