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A frustrated mayor tells his city to wait for more Toledo water tests

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"We have no local results."

Two hours after we were originally supposed to get these results, Mayor D. Michael Collins addressed the public today at 8:45 with almost nothing new to report.

Visibly frustrated, he said "I don't know how many ways I can explain it to you. I've already told you. We'll have tests coming back as late as 6 in the morning. And so, you know, unless you know more about how to test than I do, maybe you can answer that question."

He says he talked to the governor... and said scientists are shipping another sample to be flown from Toledo Express to Cincinnatti. U.S. Dept of Agriculture to test.

We will not receive preliminary results from U.S. EPA and Lake Superior State College until likely 6 in the morning. Another set of results could come by 10 p.m. Saturday.

There will be another conference call when results are available.

our reports are at columbus and theyve looked at most recent reports. they've evaluated them and pending reports coming from usepa and lake sup. state college, at that point, we'll be in a better position to define where were going.

Distribution centers open till 11 pm


  • Central Catholic
  • Waite
  • Woodward
  • Springfield


FEMA has been notified. How they'll get involved will be determined in next 12-15 hours.

There is no false hope we'll be back to normal by morning.

The mayor added, in a moment of honestly, that he doesn't think 'we'll ever be back to normal quite frankly.'

Collins emphasize safety and security: "We're not going to abandon anyone," saying the city "will be safe with your help."

He asked that people use common sense, compassion and reach out to those who need help.

He says we don't have any true answers yet, and that one set of tests is different than second set of tests.


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