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Get ID cards for your kids at the Wood County Fair

Kids getting ID cards at the fair Kids getting ID cards at the fair
WOOD COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Wood County Fair kicked off Monday, andalong with the slew of fair activities, the sheriff's office is working hard tomake sure all fairgoers stay safe - at the fair and beyond.

It's not uncommon to hear about a childgetting lost at the fair, so the Wood County Sheriff's Office is providing IDcards for kids, free of charge. The cards have a child's picture, fingerprint,height, weight, and age on it, to make it easier to find them should somethinghappen.

People were lined up Monday morning to gettheir cards before walking around the fairgrounds.

"You just never know when things happen,and that way we're prepared if anything ever does happen, that we have theinformation that we need to get to the police officers to locate her,"said Lisa Trumbull, who was at the fair with her friend's child.

Police recommend that parents and guardianskeep the ID cards with them, that way they can show it to people if necessary.They say having an up-to-date picture of the child also helps significantly,rather than just giving out a description.

"People are visual," said Elizabeth Snyder,who was at the fair with her sons. "Because a lot of little boys probably haveblonde hair and blue eyes. It's just beneficial to have a photo. It increasesthe chance of somebody recognizing them."

The ID cards will be offered throughout theentire week of the fair.

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