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2 overpasses completed in Northwood

NORTHWOOD, OH (Toledo News Now) -

After several years of construction and many trafficbackups, two new overpasses are now open on Wales Road in Northwood.

Two sets of railroad tracks about a half-mile apart usedto create significant traffic backups for drivers in the city, andeconomically, it caused some businesses to not settle there because of thepotential to be blocked in. Two new overpasses are helping to alleviate thatproblem.

Northwood City Administrator Bob Anderson says he can'tstress enough how much easier traveling is now.

"It was hard for people, once you were scouting asite, it was difficult for people to kind of justify spending the time, youmight get caught by a train," Anderson said.

The Northwood Police Department and first responders areamong those who are extremely excited for the new overpasses.

The police department is just down the street from one ofthem, and prior to its existence, the trains made responding to emergenciesvery difficult.

"If they're blocked, which they were blockedconstantly, if you see in the background, there's trains moving right now, theydid it all day long, so if we had to respond to the other side of the city,we'd actually have to go through neighboring Oregon and Toledo to get to ourneighbors. It was ridiculous," said Chief Thomas Cairl of the NorthwoodPolice Department.

The city is hoping that the overpasses will also improvetheir economy by making it a more desirable place for businesses.

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