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Findlay projects $9 million extra by year's end

FINDLAY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Finances in Findlay continue to improve, and 2014 has been no different. In his mid-year budget, City Auditor Jim Staschiak projected the city will have more than $9 million in general funds.

It's a big turnaround from the budgeting issues the city faced back in 2012, when safety services - such as police and firefighter positions - had to be cut, and the city stopped collecting leaves.

Mayor Lydia Mihalik cites planning as a factor that led to the multimillion dollar safety net. Mihalik said at this time, the city has no plans to put the additional money to use.

"We're trying to use good, solid financial principals here - principals that most people manage their households with," said Mihalik.

At the start of the year, the city agreed to bring back six police officer positions, one employee at each the health and parks department, and three firefighters. Mihalik said at this point, safety service departments are staffed at an appropriate level.

She wants to avoid the city spending frivolously and ending up in need, as city officials saw during the recession.

"We want to make sure that if and when, more so when, the economy does take a fall again, because we know at some point in time it will, we want to be prepared," said Mihalik. "Being prepared for scenarios like that is a better approach, as opposed to not being prepared, spending the money when you actually have it and then getting to a point where you have to go back to the taxpayers and ask them for some more."

The city auditor is expected to detail year-end budget projections at a city council meeting Tuesday evening.

City leaders will also discuss long-term fiscal planning.

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