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Workers, relaxers all taking advantage of cooler summer temperatures


The Kansas City area and most of the Midwest would normally be seeing temperatures in the 90s in mid-July, but an unusual stretch of four days has brought with it ‘Autumn in July.'

The stretch of days with highs in the 70s and overnight lows in the 50s is making some want to sneak away from work and take a break in the park.

"It lifts our spirits," said Tammy Carroll.

"Just a gorgeous day to be outside," said Penny Doll.

"It makes me want to leave work and go play golf," said Tom Wade.

For those who have to be outside and normally battle the heat, the cool days are a breath of fresh air. Contractors like Wade are smiling as they shovel.

"It's lots better, A thousand percent better," he said.

Even indoor workers like Charles Davis can feel the difference. Normally his drycleaning plant, Silver Hangers, heats up to 120 degrees in mid-July, but Tuesday he was barely breaking a sweat.

"It gives me a relief. Today is beautiful. I didn't even have to turn on the big fan today," he said.

Four-legged helpers can take it easy too. Tammy Carroll and her service dog Zorro lingered a little longer outside on her lunch break.

"He's a lot happier and excited to be out. There's a lot of tail wagging," Carroll said.

Doll said the beautiful weather means she can spend more time outdoors with her grandson.

"We've been out all day and we've been playing with his tractor and playing in the park," she said.

At play or at work, they all say that it feels like a cool day in autumn and the reprieve from the heat made it a great day to be outdoors.

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