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2 thieves steal Jeep from man in wheelchair

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A couple of crooks stole from a man in a wheelchair after offering to help him with some yard work. Police say the suspects are still on the loose.

"I heard a knock on the door and…it was a guy wanting to look at a tree I got in the backyard," explained Rodger Fisher, who says his Jeep was stolen by a pair of con men.

Fisher says he took the man to his backyard to see the tree, and a second man was already back there.

"They were looking up in the air like they knew what they were doing," Fisher said. "Then they come and talk to me at the back door, and then the one guy asked to use the bathroom."

The request made Fisher uneasy, but he let the man in. He didn't notice at the time, but the man took his car keys.

"At two in the morning, I heard my Jeep start up," Fisher said. "I knew it was my Jeep, and I knew right then, I had that sinking feeling, and I heard it zoom off."

Fisher says he would have chased the thieves, but he's been bound to a wheelchair for four year.

"They had my house keys, for one thing, so I had to change the locks," he said. "Being that brave to come in here and take my keys like that, it makes you wonder who's out there."

Fisher says the incident has made him more cautious and less trustworthy. He has a simple, but strong, message for homeowners.

"Don't let anyone in your house. It's just not worth it," he said.

Fisher's stolen vehicle is a dark green 1998 Jeep. Anyone with information on this theft or the suspects is asked to call police or Crime Stopper at 419-255-1111.

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