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Woman separated from husband and child after high water sweeps car away

The car in the creek, provided photo. The car in the creek, provided photo.
The car in the creek, provided photo. The car in the creek, provided photo.

Fast moving water swept a car into a raging creek while a husband, wife and toddler were inside.

It all started when the car hydroplaned Monday morning on Ohio 741. The vehicle drove through some standing water causing the driver to lose control. It crossed the center lane, hit a pole, and went into a nearby creek. 

Neighbors say what happened next is almost unbelievable.

"I woke up at about 7:15 and I heard screaming out on my back porch," said Jade Black.

Fast moving water carried the Sharonville family's car down the stream after police say it flipped multiple times. The woman was separated from her husband and three year old girl through the course of the accident.

Officer Eric Ney says the current was moving fairly quick Monday morning.

"She claims she was in the water for about 45 minutes. It took her about two miles, she was about two miles away at this farmhouse when she knocked on the door," said Officer Eric Ney.

Drenched and shoeless, the woman knocked on Jade Black's door.

"We were sitting down and trying to rack our brains about what's going on and just hoping the family was okay," said Black.

Meanwhile, miles down the road, Clearcreek Township police responded to the scene of the accident and officer Eric Ney says he found the husband with his daughter. 

"A man and a little baby were up in a tree above the car, hanging on to the tree. He kept screaming as I arrived, my wife is dead my wife is dead," said Ney.

Officer Ney says for about an hour and a half, the husband and wife had no idea if each other was dead or alive.

"I couldn't make my way out to them so I was just talking to them, trying to keep them calm until the fire department arrived," said Ney.

Black says the woman didn't speak much English but after putting together her story, their family drove the woman to see if her husband and three year old were okay. and unbelievably, no one was hurt. 

"I was so amazed that after going through shock like that, she still went those three miles to find hope for her family and find someone that might help so her perseverance in the midst of disaster was amazing," said Black.

FOX19 spoke to the family Monday. They chose not to go on camera but were so thankful that they're all okay. They say it was a terrifying experience but want to remind drivers to be safe on the roads especially during bad weather.

Due to the standing water in the road, police did not issue any citation to the family.

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