Ink spill makes for messy commute on Holland Sylvania Rd

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A spill caused some problems for drivers around one busy Toledo roadway over the weekend.  Blue printer ink spilled Friday night at the intersection of Airport Highway and Holland Sylvania Road.

A truck from Estes Express Trucking Company in Toledo was carrying 55-gallon drums of the ink.

"He actually got off the highway onto the roadway because of traffic congestion," said TPD Sgt. Joe Heffernan. "His load became unsecured and there was a drum of ink that was punctured inside the truck that leaked onto the roadway."

A blue streak that goes on for at least a half mile still remains on Holland Sylvania Road.  Witnesses say many cars were driving through the ink, causing a lot of cosmetic damage.

"We actually had one vehicle that slid on the ink, causing minor damage to the vehicle," Heffernan said. "We were able to secure the roadway, making it safe again."

The Estes Express Trucking Company will pay for the cleanup of the road.  For any cars that were damaged by the blue ink, the company's insurance carrier will pick up the tab.

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