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Rumpke could settle suit with Colerain Twp.


Colerain Township is seeking the public's advice on what to do with possible expansion plans for Rumpke.

A lawsuit dating back to 2006 between the township and the landfill addresses whether or not Rumpke should expand nearly 300 acres.

Now there's a settlement would allow Rumpke to expand, but there would be some perks for Colerain Township. But before any of this is finalized, the township wants to hear from the residents to make sure this is the right decision for the community.

The new deal includes a .25/ton increase in fees collected, a two year freeze on garbage rates for township residents, $500,000 over 10 years for the township's chamber, and a $1.5 million annual payment for the life of the landfill.

"We believe that it addresses all the main concerns that Colerain Township has and provides many benefits back to the Township including significant financial assistance, job creation, and economic development," said Jonathan Kissell.

"That would admittedly take care of a lot of problems in our budget. It would benefit the community from the standpoint of road maintenance, keeping our parks open, and keeping their property taxes down too," said Jeff Ritter.

In exchange, the community will rescind its objection to the rezoning necessary for Rumpke to expand.

"We're ensuring the future for our customer base and for the residents and businesses of our community," said Kissell.

But POWER president Rich McVay works to preserve quality of life in Colerain Township. He doesn't understand why the trustees would back out now, when clearly the people have spoken that they don't want to see the landfill expand.

"This is the legacy that Colerain Township has lived with for over 75 years and will live with for another 80 years if the Trustees approve this consent decree in front of us," said Rich McVay.

Trustee Jeff Ritter agrees the landfill is not good for the township, but if they don't take the settlement, they risk losing the trial and some oversight of the landfill.

"We'd have our own consultant that can stay on site and monitor blasting, the odor, they have an underground reaction that's been going on for four or five years, we can continue to monitor that as well. So the proposed settlement does give us a certain amount of governance and skin in the game going forward if they were to expand," said Ritter.

"There's not going to be any loss of control from the Township standpoint. It's a state and federal organization that controls Rumpke's operation," said McVay.

If the township doesn't accept the settlement, both sides will see each other in court on September 22nd.

This public meeting is on July 21 at the Colerain Township senior center.

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