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If you give an old man pickleball, he'll want to play some more

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Sixty-year-old Charlie McKnight always loved playing a little squash.

Then one day, his wife suggested they try something different.

"I said, ‘What's it called?'" McKnight remembers. "She said ‘Pickleball.' I said 'Yeah, right.'"

The Rossford resident heard it right. Pickleball: Weird name, great game.

"I like the sport because I'm an old guy," said McKnight.  "I can still cover the court because it's a smaller court. The ball's a bit more forgiving. Anybody who's not that athletic can play."

The sport originated in the ‘60s and has been slowly growing in popularity ever since. In Toledo, there's even a pickleball club.

"Once you get visibility, people come," said Toledo Pickleball Club Co-Ambassador Connie Mierzejewski. "It's like, ‘you build it and they will come.' Once you play, you want to play some more."

You don't need to tell that to McKnight. He plays three times a week.

"It's fun. It's a great strategy game," said McKnight. "You can beat younger players with strategy and placement. It does great for the old ego."

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