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North Toledo resident takes neighborhood cleanup into his own hands

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

One north Toledo resident is taking matters into his own hands with a fight against blight.

People living on the 2300 block of Chase Street say they're extremely fed up with the way their neighborhood looks. Now Ben Epperson has taken it upon himself to clean up the mess.

"I keep it clean because I'm tired of looking at it," he said. "I mow some of the lots and pick the papers up."

Epperson says he's tired of waiting for the city to clean up his neighborhood.

"I do this with a regular mower, so I don't understand why the city can't get out here with the professional equipment and make a better effort at it," he said.

The tall grass is just one of the problems. Neighbors say there are abandoned homes that have been sitting vacant for years, drawing drug activity, among other things.

"The junk just keeps growing and growing," said resident Delores Stokes. "You don't see people do it, but then all of a sudden you look and it's like, ‘Holy cow! There's more there now than there was yesterday.'"

Epperson wants the city to hear his frustration loud and clear. He says the cleanup is costing him a lot of time and money.

"The mayor is doing a great job, but he's uninformed," said Epperson. "He does not know what is going on address to address, neighborhood to neighborhood."

Mayor Collins could not be reached for comment due to the holiday.

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