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Police cracking down on celebratory gunfire after Mackey death a year ago


Police in Chesterfield are out in full-force this July 4th holiday, cracking down on celebratory gunfire.

This comes a year after tragic death of 7-year-old Brendon Mackey, who police say was killed by celebratory gun fire at Sunday Park.

A year later, family and friends are once again coming out to the famous fire works celebration. This time, parking is limited to residents only and more police officers will be on hand to catch those who are firing off guns.

"We can't catch everyone but those that we do catch, they will be arrested, they will be handcuffed, they will be taken to jail and we will prosecute them to the fullest," said Major Kevin Smith with Chesterfield Police.

Police say this week they will monitor entrance points to Brandermill. They will also monitor calls and reports from the community about celebratory gunfire.

Glenn Leonard attends the celebration at Brandermill with his family every year. He's glad police will be on hand to help keep his family and hundreds of others safe this Fourth of July."

"Just the presence of more police officers and the parking passes shows that we are being more proactive this year about keeping people safe," Leonard said.

Police are still investigating the Brendon Mackey case. In an effort to insure history does not repeat itself, they have areas that they'll watch, other than Brandermill their full plans were not disclosed.

Major Kevin Smith says they will do all they can to cut down on celebratory gunfire.

"We thought our strategies through this year and tried to improve them and what we can do to deter this to a greater extent." 

There will be two ID points for residents or those with passes get inside Brandermill. One is at Milridge Parkway and Village Green Dive, the other is a Milridge Parkway and Brandermill Parkway.

If you hear celebratory gunfire police are encouraging that you call 911. 

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