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Hurricane Arthur spares beach re-nourishment project


It may not look like it, but the sand for a sand castle on Wrightsville Beach costs nearly 9 million dollars.

In May, Wrightsville Beach, underwent a multi-million dollar beach re-nourishment project.

"If it were not for the re-nourishment which is paid for by the state, local and federal taxes, God knows, we wouldn't even  have an island," said longtime Wrightsville resident Peter Davis. 

After Hurricane Arthur, the pricey sand is right where it belongs...on the beach.

"The storm moved out of here pretty quick and because it moved out of here pretty quick, we didn't get the typical beach erosion that you get with a hurricane -- category 2 hurricane," said Wrightsville Beach Mayor Bill Blair. 

"We've added about a hundred fifty feet of sand to make the beach this large," said Blair.

Charles Upchurch is visiting Wrightsville Beach for the holiday. He said when he first saw the amount of new sand, he couldn't believe his eyes.

"When we came out here this year, we were amazed at how much beach there was," Upchurch said. 

Although erosion is a concern any time a major storm threatens the coast, Mayor Blair said the money to re nourish the beach every four years isn't just washing away.

"If you don't put sand on the beach occasionally, You would not see any of what you see here today. You would see no people here because there would be nowhere to go."

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