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Postal worker saves BG man pinned under truck

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A Bowling Green man islucky to be alive after getting pinned underneath his truck while working onit.

When the jack broke whileBud Dauterman was working on his truck, Bud got pinned underneath.

"I heard a crunch,"Dauterman recalled. "I let go to start getting out, because something didn'tsound right."

But it was too late. Thetruck dropped and the axle landed on Dauterman's forearm, pinning him to theground.

"I'm saying, ‘Lord, I'm ina mess now. Help me, Lord,'" he said.

Dauterman says he thinkshe was pinned for about half an hour. He couldn't breathe, and he says he keptpraying someone would walk by.

"I hear a voice, and he'smy mailman," he said. "He was coming, and I didn't know who it was. He says, ‘Hey,whatcha doing?' And I says, ‘Help me, I'm stuck under here, pinned!'"

That's when the mailman,Chad Kleman, took action. He managed to get part of the jack to work and raisedthe truck enough to pull Bud out.

"I said, ‘When it getsfree and I get out from under, I'll yell. Then grab my feet and pull me out!'"Dauterman said. "And he did just that."

Dauterman says he believeshis prayers helped Kleman walk by at the right time and save him, and he can'tthink him enough.

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