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Drivers violating laws to avoid construction in Sylvania Twp


Police in Sylvania Township are targeting drivers off of King Road who are using The Meadows neighborhood to get around construction.

There are two signs at The Meadows on Whispering Oak that say "Do not enter." The drive is meant to only be an entrance into the neighborhood, but people have been ignoring the signs to avoid construction – and they're getting ticketed for it.

Residents in the neighborhood say they're seeing more traffic and traffic violations recently. Police say their phones have been ringing off the hook with complaints of speeding in the area. They say they've ticketed at least a dozen drivers for using the entrance drive as an exit since the closure of Brint and King.

"It can cause accidents up there, so it is a safety issue as well and people should just be aware of it," said Sylvania Township Deputy Police Chief Ray Carroll. "It might take a little bit more time, but just try to go around another way."

The police patrol the area on a regular basis and are now increasing their presence in the neighborhood.

"We are trying to enforce that area, give out some tickets or warning to try and keep people from doing that," Carroll said.

Construction on Brint and King should be complete by August 1. To get around the construction heading westbound, drivers can take Centennial to Sylvania Avenue. Heading eastbound, take McCord to Sylvania.

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