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Lake school board protests Common Core curriculum

MILLBURY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Common Core curriculum is said to be a high-quality academic standard that school districts across the country can adopt, but Lake Local Schools say they don't support these standards and want to repeal it.

Lake School Board President Tim Krugh says school officials don't believe the Common Core is what's best for students, so they've decided to protest it. They're hoping the state hears their message.

"States adopted it with the incentive of huge dollars coming to the states at a time during the financial crisis, without the states having any idea what was in that curriculum," Krugh explained.

He says the board has reviewed the curriculum and sees several problems.

"It leaves out a lot of things that you would expect it to do," he said. "It puts in things you wouldn't expect to be there, but the bottom line is that it does not raise the bar, and increase the level of standards. It lowers those standards."

Krugh says one thing that stood out to him was that the testing is done digitally, as well as much of the teaching. He says not all students learn well that way.

"There's absolutely no flexibility," he said.

The school board wants the district to continue using their old curriculum.

"The curriculum is far from perfect, but it's tried and true and tested curriculum that works in Ohio, for Ohio schools," Krugh said.

Some parents say they're glad the district is protesting the Common Core and they agree it wouldn't be best for students.

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