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Bullied student leaving Anthony Wayne Schools, school board looks for solution

WHITEHOUSE, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Anthony Wayne school board took a look at school bullying on Monday after the parents of a girl with progeria say their daughter was bullied earlier this year.

Dozens of parents were at the school board meeting looking for answers to a problem they say has been plaguing the district.

Tim and Marla Halko's daughter Kaylee is a fourth-grade student at Anthony Wayne Schools. Kaylee has progeria, a disease that causes children to look prematurely aged. The Halkos say an Instagram hate page was created earlier this year, targeting Kaylee's disease.

"It pretty much said, ‘We need to kill all kids with progeria,' and ‘I want to see all these f***ing kids die," said Tim Halko.

The Halkos are looking for justice. They say the student that created the page didn't receive harsh enough punishment and that he should be expelled.

"They felt like they did the right thing, and I have no response for that," said Marla. "I was in awe, because I felt it was handled very poorly and I don't agree with it at all."

Anthony Wayne Superintendent Jim Fritz says the district holds several anti-bullying programs throughout the school year, and they're planning to reach out to organizations to prevent this from happening again.

"We also understand that kids are going to make mistakes, and we're going to have to have board policies that are aligned with state and federal law," he said. "We're going to address each of those situations by investigating them."

Fritz says getting a student expelled is almost impossible because of state law, but in the meantime, Kaylee is moving to a new school district.

"She wanted to remove herself from the situation and we're going to do that for her," said Marla. "She's precious, and I think we will hopefully have a good experience when we go to the next school."

School officials say they are actively searching for a solution and will address the issue again at their next meeting.

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