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Your Week in Viral Videos: Strangers slapping each other

Finding an entire group of groomsmen who can groove in rhythm with each other is no small feat, so the dance routine one groom put on for his bride at their wedding reception is truly epic. Finding an entire group of groomsmen who can groove in rhythm with each other is no small feat, so the dance routine one groom put on for his bride at their wedding reception is truly epic.

(RNN) – Weddings, amirite?

Everybody is trying to make their wedding stand out, do something crazy that will have it all over the internet and get virtual hugs from anybody who logs onto some electronic device. Been there, done that.

But, wait. What if it’s a spontaneous moment that just happened to be caught on film and wasn’t an elaborate dance routine set to popular music that was intentionally recorded while the groom and his groomsmen were parading around in front of the bride? Eventually, we might get a video like that, but this isn’t it.

All kidding aside, this is actually fantastic, because finding that many dudes who can groove in rhythm with each other is no small feat. The cultural nod in the middle is pretty awesome, too, and the a-little-too-on-the-nose finale is pulled off flawlessly.

Be cynical all you want, just wait until after this video is over.

Nice to hit you

Meeting new people is hard. You have to find something to talk about and act like you’re interested in them and put on a whole show. It would be a lot easier if someone you know just paired you up randomly with another of his friends and told you what to do.

Of course, if he tells them to slap you in the face then it might not be so good, but it seems to work for these people.

(WARNING: Sometimes when people are hit in the face they say dirty words.)

Earth calling Spaceship 12

Those cute “Kids React To…” videos are great and there was another this week with them trying to understand the Luigi death stare (go here, it explains everything), but it wasn’t the best thing to come from TheFineBros recently.

They also have access to a panel of “elders” who aren’t so down with all this new modern techno wizardry. But God bless these clueless old people for finding less ridiculous uses for Google glass – headband and interstellar communicator – than its real purpose: looking foolish.

At first, they’re predictably dumbfounded before becoming overly impressed, but then they revert to being your grandparents wondering about how this would affect your privacy, pointing out just how useless it actually is, saying it’s uncomfortable, reminding you what seeing a TV for the first time was like and going down a conspiracy theory wormhole.

The most impressive thing about this video is how none of these elders need actual glasses.

Hairy Harrier

In case you’ve forgotten how awesome the people who serve in the Marine Corps are, this video of Capt. William Mahoney landing his Harrier jet on an aircraft carrier with malfunctioning landing gear will remind you.

The crew of the ship brought out an aircraft stool to support the nose of his plane. Keep in mind that he couldn’t see where it was yet still landed dead on it while there was no one on the flight deck to guide him because they all ran for cover in case he missed and something went wrong.

If you still need convincing after that, listen to Cpl. Kyle Carpenter, who was recently awarded the Medal of Honor, describe the injuries he suffered when he used his body to shield others from a grenade blast.

Animal of the Week

Is your baby having a hard time learning to crawl? Well listen up, because there’s a new product that will solve all of your child’s immobilization woes. It’s called Your DogTM.

Yes, Your DogTM is the perfect teacher for that hard-to-grasp crawling technique. Just set Your DogTM near your child on the floor and watch the magic happen right before your very eyes. Your DogTM is nontoxic and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Don’t delay. Get Your DogTM today.

Bonus goat video

Baby goats climbing on an adult horse.

More stuff for when you’re bored

What does “you throw like a girl” mean? It depends on who you ask. To some, it’s an insult, but to Always (yes, this a commercial) it means just doing what you do – if you’re a girl, of course.

Facebook is a great place to share your life with people. Or at least the version of your life that looks and sounds better than your actual life.

Mama always said Forrest Gump was dishonest. Not anymore.

This video involves Game of Thrones. (BOOM! One million views.) This video involves Game of Thrones with a music remix from the ’80s. (BOOM! One more view.)

You will not watch this video all the way to the end. It’s only three minutes long, but you will not watch it all the way to the end. You can’t watch it all the way to the end. Maybe it doesn’t have an end? The only way you will know is if you watch it all the way to the end, but don’t bother trying because you won’t be able to do it. If you’re wondering why you won’t be able to do it, you’ll have to watch the video to find out why (it actually explains why perfectly). It’s probably the same reason why most people didn’t read this far.

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