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Call 11 For Action: Abandoned home demolition takes over a year

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One neighborhood in north Toledo is fed up with a couple of abandoned homes that have plagued their street. Neighbors are very upset about some vacant homes in the 2800 block of Warsaw Street in the Polish Village. A sign there says a vacant home was scheduled for city demolition, but has yet to be completed.

"It's totally unacceptable. We have a responsibility as a city to maintain properties, and if they need to be demolished, they should be demolished immediately," said Judge C. Allen McConnell, Toledo Housing and Environmental Court.

Neighbors say Judge McConnell ordered the house at 2820 Warsaw to be demolished about a year ago. That house and the one next door at 2822 Warsaw have been sitting abandoned and vacant since a fire back in 2012.

"It's not necessarily something you like, but you just get used to seeing them. You hope that the people in city government that you contact can help do something about it. But evidently they're so backlogged, they're too busy to deal with these two," said Warsaw Street resident Gary Rogolsky.

Once a judge orders demolition, there are many steps involved in getting a home demolished. Toledo's land bank must first go through the tax foreclosure process to officially get the property. This can take up to six months. Then it's another month and a half before actual demolition can be done to the home.

"The city of Toledo has a responsibility to demolishing, either the city or the land banking program, but many times there's a wait period. It can be months before a house is actually demolished," said McConnell.

The city's land bank says that they are working on moving ahead with the demolition of the two homes. They say that the abandoned home at 2820 Warsaw is expected to be torn down in the coming months.

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