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City proposes regulations for mobile food trucks in Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

If you work in downtown Toledo, you may have joined the mobile food truck craze. They're popping up during the lunch hour. We learned the city might be stepping in. The mayor says there are so many food trucks that he wants several restrictions put in place. This is so existing restaurants aren't run out of downtown.

During weekdays, you can find many food trucks downtown. This is especially the case on North Saint Clair Street. The Wanderlust Sandwich Truck is run by the Ottawa Tavern. Grumpy's has a mobile truck, too, that was in Perrysburg Wednesday.

"I love that it gives variety. I love the taste of the food. It's actually good compared to some other restaurant that I've even been too," said Rachel Ranville.

"We're bringing down lamb chops and lobster mac and cheese, and my wife's special cheese buns stuffed with pepperoni," said Phil Barone from Rosie's Italian Grille.

Mayor Collins has proposed new rules that would limit the areas the mobile food trucks could operate in downtown. It would also limit the days of the week and the amount of time each day the food truck can operate in those locations. The trucks would not be allowed to be within 100 feet of an existing restaurant entrance. They also couldn't use city power outlets unless it is authorized.

City councilwoman Sandy Spang says some restrictions could work.

"We want to be fair to both the food trucks and to the brick and mortar restaurants that exist in our city. So there is always a way you can find that correct middle ground," said Spang.

Barone co-owns Rosie's rolling chef truck. He says he's okay with restrictions, to a point.

"I'm all for restrictions where it helps everybody and it's not favoring one person over another. I understand that part. It could (hurt business) down the road. Sure it could," said Barone.

City council is having a committee hearing Tuesday July 1 at 1 p.m. You can sign up to give your two cents on the mobile food trucks.

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