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Wauseon residents work to clean up storm damage

WAUSEON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

People in Wauseon are still working to clean up from the storms that hit Wednesday June 18. Trees and power lines were down in several parts of the area. People at BMW Services are cleaning up from a fire they say downed power lines caused.

The building owner says the storm came fast and he never expected it to cause this kind of damage.

"There was about four or five different fires. Just because of the power surge, it just threw too much voltage into your 110 lines that you'd have in your house and they just started melting and got red hot and started on fire," said Steve McElrath, BMW Services, Wauseon.

The parking lot behind the Fulton County Administration Building had huge branches over the cars and tangled up with power lines. Toledo Edison was on hand to block the area off. But the damage wasn't just in parking lots. Front lawns and streets were littered with branches. Wauseon city employees didn't waste any time cleaning up.

"The tree limbs started breaking right away with the wind, and then the rain came, and then it cleared off real quick. And the next thing I know I hear a truck pulling up and the dogs barking and the crews are out here cleaning up," said Wauseon resident Dale Adams.

Clean up crews arrived just about as quickly as this storm did. They went street to street removing branches.

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