Scent-marketing is a real thing, and one Toledo company is the best in the biz

A portrait of noses (Source: WTOL)
A portrait of noses (Source: WTOL)
SensoryMax creates custom scents for Ford and Lincoln dealerships and many other businesses. (Source: SensoryMax)
SensoryMax creates custom scents for Ford and Lincoln dealerships and many other businesses. (Source: SensoryMax)

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - If you smelled them from a mile away... they might call that a win.

A Toledo-based company has been named "Scent Marketer of the Year" by the Scent Marketing Institute.

Yes, marketing things with smells and aromas is a real thing. And it's not new. Did you know that Walt Disney decided that parts of Main Street U.S.A. in Disneyland should have the smell of vanilla? And peppermint at Christmas? True.

Think about it. Scents can have strong associations. What do you think of when you smell chocolate chip cookies, pool chlorine and sunblock, or the 'new car smell?' Usually they have a great feeling attached, right?

Nowadays, clever ad executives and marketing experts want to capitalize on those associations and incorporate them into the overall 'retail experience.'

Translation? They want to pump 'good' smells to whereever you'll be spending money, so you'll be inclined to spend more. Or just a lot. Because the smells made you feel good.

Clever, right?

SensoryMax, based in downtown Toledo, has developed some of these cutting edge Aroma Marketing programs for Ford and Lincoln dealerships, Ocean Bank in Miami and Virginia Tire and Auto in northern Virginia, among others.

And they're being recognized for it.

SensoryMax won the 2014 Harald Vogt Scent Marketer of the Year award on June 13 at ScentWorld in New York City. ScentWorld is the premier scent and sensory marketing event.

(Yes, the Academy Awards for smell-marketing is also a real thing.)

The director of SensoryMax says, "We use signature scents as a marketing tool because they're just as powerful and identifiable as a logo. People are beginning to understand that aroma is an essential component of a brand and, at the same time, a real differentiator."

We as a television station can only hope smell-o-vision is next.

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