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Block watch groups can help police crackdown on drugs

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Toledo Police and local block watch leaders are working to stop illegal drug use in neighborhoods. Pills, heroin, cocaine and marijuana are in many places and could be right outside your door.

"It's an escape. A lot of people are not working. No jobs, they're down in the dumps and that's all they can think to do is drink or do drugs," said Gloria Vanzo.

Vanzo says drugs have been a problem in her neighborhood here near Willys Park for quite some time.

"There's a lot of drug activity," said Vanzo.

Even if you don't think drug use is going on in your area, it can still impact you. Police say drugs can often lead to other crimes and Vanzo says she's noticed.

"There have been a lot of break-ins. People steal your electronics, your jewelry. The man does not care where you get that stuff from," said Vanzo.

Tuesday night Vanzo and other members of the block watch group met with Toledo Police who say education is vital. They want to teach people what to look out for.

Police say it is especially important for parents to talk to their kids. Teach them about the dangers and risks that go along with using drugs. They also say to keep an eye on medicine cabinets or even lock it up.

Police say people often start by using prescription pills. When those run out they turn to something like heroin to get high. A sign of drug use to look for is if kids or someone you know starts acting differently or having extreme mood swings. Another tip is to be aware and watch your neighborhood. Keep an eye out for a sudden increase in traffic at a particular home, and if many cars are coming and going.

"Everyone needs to go to the block watch. They're assigned to your neighborhood. Go to them," said Vanzo.

Police say prevention and communication between their department and people who live in the city are key. They hope together they can help cut down on drug use in the Toledo area.

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