5 Job Search Tips For Recent College Grads

(Toledo News Now) - On average, there are 118 people who apply to any given job. Recent college grads, especially those with little to no experience, may become easily lost in the mix of job seekers. Here are some simple tips that can help with a more effective job search:

1. Give your job search structure and focus. A job search can often be a job in itself. Dedicate a certain amount of time at the same time every day. Turn off everything else and only focus on your job search during that time. Next, ask yourself two questions – "What do I love?" and "What am I good at?" Tailor both your resume and thoughts to those specific answers, and your job search will become much more successful.

2. Utilize your network of family and friends. We know that 80% of open positions aren't even publicly advertised. Your family and friends may be a great start to help you find those positions. Don't be afraid to let them know you're looking for a job. Send them an email with your resume attached. Tell them exactly what you are looking for and you appreciate any help they can give. You never know when you're name may come up in a conversation!

3. Create a new network. Networking events, volunteer work, charity events and Linkedin are all great ways to increase your network. If you meet someone face to face, be sure to exchange business cards and follow up. If you're not on Linkedin, you should be. 93% of recruiters are on Linkedin trying to find candidates to fill their jobs. Just be sure to list all of your qualifications with skills, tools, and any other keywords that can relate your experience to your desired position.

4. Contact a recruitment/staffing firm. Headhunters, recruiters, staffing companies – whatever you like to call them – all have relationships and connections to employers that most job seekers don't have. Employers work with these companies to help them find the best candidates for certain positions. Many of the unadvertised positions mentioned above go directly to these staffing firms. Contact a specialized recruitment firm specific to your desired field and tell them exactly what you are looking for. Even if they don't have a job for you now, they can reach out to you once something comes up. Best of all, there is no cost to you! They are simply paid by the employer.

5. Be creative! With 118 other candidates applying for each position, a standard resume may not be enough to stand out. Show the employer how much you want to be a part of their team by getting a little creative. Send them a video resume that shows off your personality. Not comfortable on camera? Include a hand-written thank you card with your resume to thank them for their consideration. Sending them a link to your personalized website may be another option. Something besides a resume can demonstrate your eagerness to work for them… and that can go a long way.

Ben Bohland is the Managing Partner of Two Point Recruiting in Toledo, OH. For more information, please visit www.twopointrecruiting.com.

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