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Call 11 For Action: Sidewalk finally repaired in west Toledo neighborhood

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Residents in one Toledo neighborhood are upset about a huge problem on their street: a sidewalk caving in. Neighbors on Irma Place say calls to the city have gone unanswered and the problem is just getting worse.

For Jeanette Schram and her neighbor, Linda Emch, it's time for a change on their street.

"I think it was a few weeks ago, didn't a car go over it and they kinda bottomed out?" said Emch.

The huge hole in the sidewalk is just feet away from traffic, along with where kids play.

"We don't want to see a car, or a bus, or a garbage truck go through there," said Emch.

The pair says this all started last May when a sewer line broke on the street. Both say the city was called immediately and a couple of orange barrels were put down…but that was it.

"If they would just fix it, period. They wouldn't waste so much money putting a band-aid on it," said Schram.

So the women kept calling the city over and over again.

Around 10 months after the first call, crews came out in March and fixed the crumbling street with new asphalt. But the sidewalk seemed to go ignored.

"So here we are. Hopefully Channel 11 will be able to help us," said Schram.

Schram gave our Call 11 for Action team a call to come and visit the sinking sidewalk.

We wanted to know why this year-old problem was taking so long for the city to fix.

Dave Pratt, from the Department of Sewer and Drainage Services, said due to a number of similar calls, a harsh winter, and the city's aging sewer system, response times were slower than usual.

According to Pratt, a second break was found during the last visit city workers made, and it was put on the list to be completed this spring.

Within a week, the sewer leak was fixed in a matter of hours.

"They might think it's a minor problem, but it's not to the people who travel up and down the street," said Emch.

The city will continue to monitor the sidewalk.

In fact, City Council could approve $1 million in upgrades to Toledo's sewer system this year, which would cut down on situations like these.

Emch is just happy Irma Place will look like a regular street again.

"Thanks to Channel 11 and the hard work that you have done, this is now being completed," she said.

If this is happening on your street, don't hesitate to give the city a call. They have a number of cases like this and are pledging to get to most of them.

We'll hold them to that.

If you need help from our Call 11 for Action team, call at 419-255-2255 or fill out a form online.

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