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TPS creates plan to make students college ready

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Toledo Public Schools has announced more of its strategic plan, which superintendent Dr. Romules Durant says will continue to roll out for years to come.

According to Durant, the strategic plan is about the district's goals, along with input from the community, to make students ready for college. Durant says the plan will roll out in three, to five, to 10 years down the road.

On Tuesday during a special meeting, school leaders discussed the district's goals, as well as their mission and vision to produce college and career-ready graduates.

"We're going to make sure they're career ready, because the industry will be in the classroom working with teachers to make sure that the educational needs are transferring into the workforce. At the same time, knowing that college is always an option for all students, and we're gonna make sure that options are much more available earlier on in your high school years. But more importantly, testing your rigors in the elementary years," explained Durant.

Durant says they will start to prepare elementary students for high school and high school students for college.

Already, the district has announced a new leadership academy.

One parent feels the district is moving forward under the direction of Durant.

"It was less people trying to do more for the kids before, like years ago, and with Romules Durant, I think he's making a good move," said Donnell Scisum.

Durant says elementary students will begin receiving high school credits, while high school students will have more post-secondary opportunities obtaining college credits.

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