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ODOT and OSHP offer incentive program to tow trucks during construction

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ODOT says 2014 will be one of the biggest construction seasons ever for northwest Ohio.

The thought of slow traffic and orange barrels may make you squirm but the Ohio Department of Transportation is taking a proactive approach. They are making sure your time in certain constructions zones is not slowed down more in the event of an accident.

The major project taking over I-75 in Wood County is just weeks away. A third lane will be added to both sides of I-75 between Perrysburg and Findlay. ODOT is offering incentives to make sure traffic continues to move during this three year project.

The program is called TRIP which stands for Towing and Recovery Incentive Program. Qualified towing companies will be called to work with ODOT and Ohio Highway Patrol to get a commercial vehicle out of the way of traffic. If the company succeeds within 30 minutes, they will receive a cash bonus of $1,500.

TRIP will only be activated when a semi or truck stalls and is involved in an accident. Tow truck companies with the equipment to remove these large vehicles need to register with ODOT before participating.

"The TRIP incentive program has been used across other areas in the state and has proven effective, especially where there is high traffic volumes. This is one of the areas where we see those high traffic volume areas, along 75 not only in Lucas County but in Wood County as well. During construction this program will be key," said Theresa Pollick, ODOT.

The TRIP program will begin in July and only be offered in the 32-mile stretch of construction between Findlay and Perrysburg. You can expect the widening project to begin in mid June and last through 2016.

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