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Veterans’ graves overgrown, city labors to clear up by Memorial Day

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

War veterans in Toledo say they are shocked at the conditions of Forest Park. They say the grass is so overgrown, they had a hard time placing flags on fallen soldiers gravestones Thursday May 22 morning.

Veterans say for the past 20 years they have come to show respect for our nation's vets by placing flags on gravestones the Thursday before Memorial Day. They say this year is harder than past years, because of the cemetery's overgrown grass.

"Well the graves are all grown over, and you can't see the headstones and when they cut the grass, the grass clippings just lay. They should take a trimmer and trim at least around the headstones. It is kind of disgraceful for the veterans who can't find all their head markers," said Tim Soster, Vietnam War Veteran.

There are parts of the graveyard that have been mowed, but other parts that clearly have not been touched making it hard for these veterans to remember our nation's fallen heroes.

"I mean they know that we are coming every Thursday before Memorial Day, you think they would have this cut by now," said Soster.

"Back when I was working here, if this place looked like this right now I would be getting wrote up," said Bob Druckemiller, former Forest Cemetery employee.

The graveyard is supposed to be taken care of by the city. A city spokesperson said they will be at the graveyard Thursday and Friday working ten-hour shifts. The spokesperson said they have been delayed because of the recent rain showers.

It should be cleaned by Friday, and ready for Memorial Day on Monday.

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