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Carl Monday: Gas Theft follow-up

Garfield Heights city employee caught stealing gas. Garfield Heights city employee caught stealing gas.

A local Mayor has some fighting words for Carl Monday. At a Garfield Hts. Council meeting, Mayor Vic Covolla said he was "proud that I didn't get out of the car and kick (Monday's) ass!

The Mayor was referring to Monday's attempts to interview His Honor about a recent 19 Action News undercover investigation in Garfield Hts.  Monday and his team caught Service Garage Supervisor Bryan Mahoney stealing gas from the city pumps.

Through his attorney, Mahoney pleaded not guilty to the theft. But Monday's hidden camera video clearly shows Mahoney filling up cans of gas on four occasions. The same cans were found in Mahoney's Seven Hills garage.

A follow-up probe by Garfield Hts. Police documented the theft of 120 gallons by Mahoney over twelve different days.  Police say they confiscated the cans from Mahoney's garage during a surprise visit, during which Mahoney admitted to the theft.

At the council meeting, the Mayor questioned Monday's investigative tactics, calling the reporter "a worm" and "a piece of garbage." Cavolla claims Monday tried to pin blame for the theft on him.  The former Teamster official previously called Monday "a punk."

A review of Monday's attempted interview with the Mayor didn't support the allegations.  Monday is heard on the video telling the Mayor:  "I have no indication you knew about it.  How did you respond to it when  you first heard about it?"

At the council meeting, Cavolla said he has ordered the city Law Department to investigate Monday for sitting on the story, claiming he held "allowed the crime to go on for five months, fully aware of what was going on."

But Monday says he never received the tip until late February, and after documenting the theft on hidden camera, he promptly turned the information over to Garfield Hts. Police Chief Robert Sackett.

The Mayor also had choice words for the anonymous, presumed city employee who tipped Monday off about the gas theft.  Cavolla says the worker wanted to bring the city down "by having more dirt thrown at us."  The city has taken its lumps, only recently being released from state oversight of its finances.

The Mayor did say that Mahoney, a thirty year employee, will get his due if convicted.  "The employee was 100% wrong," Cavolla said of Mahoney.  "He's the one that disgraced the city, and he's going to pay.  If found guilty he's going to pay the price."

Mahoney has a pre-trial scheduled next month. 19 Action News has been unable to track him down for comment.

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