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Editorial: College students rejecting a graduation speaker closes their minds

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When did college students get the right to reject graduation ceremony speakers? This has gotten absurd. Almost weekly we hear about a perfectly appropriate speaker who is uninvited due to some objectionable thing he or she said or wrote at some point in their life.

In truth, it's impossible to find a speaker who satisfies everyone. But that has never been the goal. The purpose of the speaker is to be relevant, significant, thought-provoking, interesting and entertaining. Maybe even memorable. Only recently did colleges add the ridiculous standard that a speaker be able to pass every imaginable litmus test for political, social or intellectual appropriateness.

This process is all the more ironic given the long-held belief that colleges and universities are supposed to broaden a student's perspective, and expose them to new ideas while challenging principles and ideals. In other words, make students THINK!

Hopefully some college president somewhere will declare enough is enough and tell the handful of protesting students if they don't like the speaker that has been chosen, they can stay home. Unfortunately, the best way to open minds may be to close the process of choosing speakers.

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