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Free smoke alarm handout


The Wilmington Fire Department has taken a proactive approach to ensure the safety of it's residents by checking and installing free smoke alarms. 

Chief Burton said so far he has found homes with either dead batteries or no smoke alarms at all.

Gay Deluca was one resident who benefited from today's free handouts.

"They put two in the kitchen and I have three bedrooms…1,2,3,4, 5 fire alarms," said Gay.

We asked her why she didn't have the alarms before and she replied, "Stupidity!"

Chief Burton wanted to leave the residents with not only new smoke alarms, but a list safety tips as well.

"If you are going to cook stay with your food, and make sure the stove is off before you walk out of the room," said Burton.  "Have a safe meeting place outside, and if you escape your home, wait for us.  Do not go back in."

We asked Gay if she felt safer after today instillation's.

Without hesitation she said, "Absolutely, absolutely, Big piece of mind."

Chief Burton agreed, "So we are glad we got in this neighbor hood, and if we can save just one life through this program that's what we are here for."

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