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New tools help TFD save lives

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Close to 90 percent of the calls Toledo Fire and Rescue crews go on are medical runs.

"We're already trained rescuers, why not give us as many tools as possible to save lives so if we have a fire crew that responds to a fire and they rescue an individual from that house, we can start emergency medical services in the front yard," said Toledo Fire and Rescue Lt. Matthew Hertzfeld.

TFD's rigs are equipped with tools like the Lifepak 15, which firefighters say is almost like a miniature emergency room in a box.

Another machine, called Lucas, can give patients continuous chest compressions.

Crews also carry a drug box. These tools allow TFD to keep a patient at a location and stabilize them, sometimes for up to 30 minutes before rushing to the hospital.

"With the monitors we have, especially in the case of heart attacks, the monitors can transmit EKG to the hospital so they are fully prepared to treat that patient and there are times where we'll bypass the ER and go straight to the cath lab and begin treatments in seconds," said Toledo Firefighter Derek Peterson.

The tools are making a difference for patients. In 2005, TFD was able to restart the heart of a person without a heartbeat less than 20 percent of the time. Now, that number has risen to over 45 percent.


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