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Secretary of State begins proceedings to remove Lucas County Board of Elections members, directors

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Ohio Secretary of State John Husted sent letters to three of the four members of the Lucas County Board of Elections, along with the board's Director and Deputy Director on Monday. The letters were mailed to Director Gina Kaczala, Deputy Director Daniel DeAngelis, Board Chairman Ron Rothenbuhler, and board members Jon Stainbrook and Anthony DeGidio.

The letters come after a transparency committee sent to Toledo by the Secretary of State recommended all 5 resign their positions last week. The committee recommended only board member John Irish stay on the board.

In each letter, the secretary instructed each of them to appear at a hearing on Thursday.  Secretary Husted says he will begin proceedings to remove each of them from their respective positions.

The secretary told the board members and directors that at the hearing "you will be afforded due process and an opportunity to be heard as to why you should not be removed."

Husted asked that any of the board members or directors who wish to resign before the hearing notify his office in writing by noon on Tuesday, May 13.

Below is an expert from the letters, where Husted explains his reasoning behind the decision.

This recommendation is the result of a four-week inquiry that revealed, and, in many cases, reaffirmed, the depth of the dysfunction and overall neglect of duty that endured at the Lucas County Board of Elections. Further, it is yet another long-line of intervention measures that this boar had required of my office in order to assist them with the most basic of duties.

In nearly every other county in the state board members and staff are able to put aside their differences to meet their responsibilities to voters. In Lucas County, the petty infighting, personality conflicts and sloppy administration have gone on long enough. I simply cannot jeopardize the integrity of future elections in Lucas County. The citizens and voters deserve better.

Click below to see a copy of Secretary Husted's letter to each person.

Jon Stainbrook

Ron Rothenbuhler

Gina Kaczala

Daniel DeAngelis

Anthony DeGidio


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