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Push is on to pass the Ohio Voter Bill of Rights

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Supporters are working hard to get the Ohio Voter Bill of Rights on the ballot.

It's a referendum supporters are attempting to put on the November ballot through a petition drive.

On Saturday, there was a rally in Central Toledo to get the word out, mobilize the local base and begin circulating petitions.

The leader of the bi-partisan campaign is Democratic State Representative Alicia Reece of Cincinnati.

She says the voting rights of citizens across Ohio are being challenged and under attack.

"The bill would put voting rights in the constitution, voting as a constitutional right, restore the early voting days, soul to soul days. Put it in the constitution so everybody knows what those rules are," said Ms. Reece.

In addition, the amendment to the state constitution would guarantee voter rights cannot be eliminated or watered down by statehouse politicians.

"Some people say, 'Why are we playing a political football game with our voting rights'?

We need to have the rules established inside the constitution so we can take the politics out of it," says Ms. Reece.

Something, some believe, could affect the outcome of a presidential election.

"Ohio is a swing state and we need to have a comprehensive set of rules that do not change based on the whims and wills of elected officials and the secretary of state," said Toledo City Councilwoman Lindsey Webb.

385,000 valid signatures need to be collected by July 2 to put the referendum on the November ballot.

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