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Sheriff says lack of vehicles could affect public safety

ADRIAN, MI (Toledo News Now) -

The Lenawee County Sheriff says there are not enough patrol cars to put his officers out on the streets.

Sheriff Jack Welsh says he has asked commissioners for more money to purchase cars, and that request was denied.

"They're our lifeline. Obviously, they're our equipment that allows us to do our job. If I don't have enough marked patrol cars to do our job, obviously it hinders us," said Welsh.

Welsh says he just recently started purchasing patrol cars after waiting years due to a lack of funds. Welsh says this year he was able to purchase 4 cars with $120,000 in funding approved by Lenawee County Commissioners.

Commissioners say that's $20,000 more than the department receives in a normal year for vehicle purchases.

Welsh says at least three cars with more than 100,000 miles cannot be used by the department.

"Our insurance company recommends that we follow Michigan State Police guidelines and not drive pursuit vehicles over a 100,000 miles, so I am deadlining three cars, which only gives us enough cars to put out a handful of people at times," said Welsh.

Welsh says that forces patrol deputies to double up. Welsh says that could affect response time, and whether or not the department even respond to some calls.

"It is a situation that really should not be occurring, and I've tried and tried to get the money but the commissioners have said there is not any money to buy cars," said Welsh.

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