Special Report: The Elaina Tapes

MORE: Inside the Interrogation Room
Steven King in the interrogation room.
Steven King in the interrogation room.

(Toledo News Now) - Nearly a year after Baby Elaina was killed in Toledo—Angela Steinfurth and Steven King in a way you've never seen before.

The Toledo Police Department and FBI interrogation tapes have sat untouched and unseen by the public—until now.

WTOL's Jenna Lee watched hours of footage to bring us a rare and raw look inside a mother's deceit and an ex-boyfriend's guilt.

September 5, 2013

STEVEN KING: Breathing was real bad, gurgling... I put my hand over her mouth and suffocated her. 

June 3, 2013 

DETECTIVE: This is your daughter with blood in her nose and her eye all bloody and you're just going out? You just left her there all by herself?

ANGELA STEINFURTH:  Yeah, acting like I don't give a --- when I know deep down inside I do. 

DETECTIVE: Where in your garage? 

STEVEN KING: You walk right into the front door, there's a car right there, you step up onto the car—you can't miss it. 

DETECTIVE: I asked you—if you know if your daughter is safe!?

ANGELA STEINFURTH: I don't know if she's safe. 

DETECTIVE: No one else knows that Elaina's up in the rafters? 


DETECTIVE: You seem awfully eager to put this on Steven. 

ANGELA STEINFURTH: Because he was the last one around her—this is crazy that it's all being pinned on me! 

DETECTIVE: She should still be there—in the box? 


King told detectives during his interrogation that it took 20 minutes to end Baby Elaina's life and cover it up.

DETECTIVE: You handled this all by yourself? 

STEVEN KING: I tried to. 

DETECTIVE: The labored breathing, the gurgling, the suffocation and the disposal?

According to King, he carried it all out while Steinfurth watched over Baby Elaina's older sister and King's son in the front yard of 704 Federal Street in Toledo.

STEVEN KING: I went out front where Angela and the kids were and it was like holy --- what just happened? It was like I was trapped inside my head. 

After King's voluntary, shocking admission, detectives returned to the interview room with more than ten photos of his garage. He marked each photo with an 'X' to indicate the site of her remains.

STEVEN KING: It ate at me and ate at me and ate at me and I couldn't take it anymore! 

95 days after Baby Elaina was reported missing and two months following the arrest of Steinfurth and King on charges related to the case—the search for the 18 month old stopped cold because of his confession.

In an interview with Captain Brad Weis of the Toledo Police Department, WTOL's Jenna Lee asked him as a key player in the case—whether the baby would have been found had it not been for King coming forward.

CAPTAIN BRAD WEIS: It's hard to say. I think eventually, hopefully somebody would have come forward—hopefully we would have found Elaina and at least get some closure for the rest of the family. 

The captain believes a game of lies, played elaborate by two people was to blame for Baby Elaina not being found within the first week of her disappearance.

ANGELA STEINFURTH: My worst fear is the Maumee River. 

DETECTIVE: So you're worried that she might be in there? 

ANGELA: Yeah—because if their back door was open like they said it was—anybody could have just 'came in and took her.'

June 3, 2013 

DETECTIVE: It all comes down to two people—you and Angela. I'm going to ask you—did you have any involvement in this? 


DETECTIVE: Sit here and look at me in my face and tell me as a man that she didn't have anything to do with this—do you know? 

STEVEN KING: I don't know for certain—I said I don't know for certain. 

DETECTIVE: At what point did you and Angela concoct the kidnapping story?

STEVEN KING: It never really got concocted. 

DETECTIVE: You must have had some sort of conversation between you and Angela about what you were going to say to cover up for Elaina being in the rafters in your garage dead!?

STEVEN KING: We never really had a conversation—Baby daddy showed up and threatens to call the cops and that's when she says the baby wasn't there because of what happened and we just went with it from there. We're in too deep already—let's just go with it.

Steven King was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 25 years.

Angela Steinfurth was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 18 years.

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