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Does It Work: StufZ

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Summer is so close you can almost taste it! That's why we're taking a warm weather food favorite and giving it a makeover.

StufZ is a plastic burger maker designed to help you put all your favorite toppings (the "stuff") inside the burger. But does it work?

"I'm not a cook, which is why I love the summertime because I can actually get out and actually grill," said Ben Bohland.

Ben says it's been a long winter of frozen meals. He's ready to heat things up, so we asked him to be our tester for StufZ.

The prep work is pretty simple. Ben slices up tomatoes and mozzarella for his Caprese turkey patties and whips up another American favorite: mac and cheese.

We start with the turkey.

"You gotta really push," said Ben, struggling.

The instructions say don't be shy with the "stuff." You can really fill up the middle.

Now it's time to try the beef.

"That came out much easier," said Ben, a bit relieved.

Finally, we stuff it with mac and cheese, add more meat and seal.

The commercial says "StufZ makes the most amazing perfectly-sealed burger every time."

Well, maybe not every time. 

It seems like a challenge to get the perfect seal. But we make do and head outside to the grill. 

All is going well -- until the first flip.

"That's a mess!" said Ben.

A little longer and they're finally ready to take off the grill. It's time for a taste test.

"It's pretty good. I mean, I think I could just put it on top of it and it'd taste pretty similar," said Ben.

The mac and cheese burger did not hold up on the grill very well.

"That was a lot of effort too," said Ben. "The box makes it look picture perfect."

Ben doesn't have any complaints about the flavor, but the presentation is less than pleasing.

"This I think you would use to impress guests and this obviously didn't impress anyone," Ben said. 

So how does it rate?

"I would give a D-," said Ben. "I think it was more frustrating than fun."

The $9.99 StufZ falls flat with a disappointing D-.

"If you have buns you can probably cover up your mess," said Ben.

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