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Counterfeit $20's turn up at Findlay, Fostoria and Tiffin businesses

A real $20 bill (file photo) A real $20 bill (file photo)
FINDLAY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The United States Secret Service is on the hunt for counterfeiters in northwest Ohio.

Law enforcement officials say they've gotten a number of reports of fake $20 bills circulating the Findlay, Fostoria and Tiffin areas.

The scene may be succeeding because cashiers usually only scrutinize large bills, like $50 or $100 bills. Using $20 bills has so far allowed the scammers to fly under the radar.

Cashiers like Tiffany Backus say they use a special pen to spot fake money.

"It turns black if it's fake and then, like a golden brown if it's real," said Backus. "We normally do more of the fifties and the hundreds more than the twenties."

The Secret Service office in Toledo has stepped in to investigate. Officers say they believe the maker of the fake bills lives in one of those cities. They are warning businesses and consumers to stay alert.

Detectives say there are easy ways to spot a fake $20 bill. First, start by feeling the texture. People who handle money often can feel the difference in the quality of paper. Hold the bill up to a light to check for watermarks of the president's face and tilt the bill left to right. You should notice a change in the color of the ink if the bill is real.

Anyone who receives a fake twenty should call authorities right away at 419-259-6434.

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