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Multiple animals seized from west Toledo home

A few of the dogs that were seized A few of the dogs that were seized
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Toledo Area Humane Society has seized several animals from a West Toledo home near the University of Toledo.

The animals were seized from a house on Perth Street in West Toledo around 11 a.m. Wednesday, May 7. Gary Willoughby of the Toledo Lucas County Humane Society says his agency has all of the dogs seized at the home.

One of those dogs is pregnant and is due to give birth soon. That dog has been placed in a foster home with a Humane Society employee experienced in dog births.

The man inside says he's been breeding dogs in his home for the past eight years.

"They were like my children, since I don't have a family and my mom just died," George Francel, owner.

All of Francel's pets were like family and now all 35 are gone, seized by the Toledo Area Humane Society Wednesday morning after a neighbor complained. Toledo police assisted in the seizure.

"I just think it got a matter out of hand, as far as how many litters they had and how fast he could get them out to people," said Sergeant Pete Lavey, Toledo Police.

Francel was seen hugging Humane Society employees, saying he is a licensed breeder. He said he was told every time he renewed his license that there was no limit as to how many dogs could be inside one home.

"I knew that I was within the law. There was no required number," said Francel.

"A lot of cute little puppies and I know that George wants them back, but I think there might be just a few too many for him to keep. So maybe they have a good home for them all," said Lavey.

Francel said he gives away his dogs for free, and has spent about $10,000 caring for the pups.

Update: About half of the remaining dogs are now in foster care. Willoughby says all 35 dogs have hookworms and were extremely dirty. All the dogs have been bathed and treated for hookworms. He says the Humane Society is working with Francel to see if he can make changes in the dogs living conditions so that some, or all, of the dogs can be returned. We are expecting an update on Monday May 12 afternoon.

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