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Councilman Ford: America was based on prayer, good way to begin meetings

TIFFIN, OH (Toledo News Now) -

City council members are applauding a U.S. Supreme Court decision that upheld prayers before town meetings in New York State.

Tiffin City Council has said The Lord's Prayer for years and did exactly that before Monday night's regular council meeting. Council members, their staff, and the mayor all say the prayer, as well as any residents attending the meeting that choose to do so.

The SCOTUS ruling declared that prayer did not violate the U.S. Constitution at council meetings in Greece, New York and that decision is being felt in Tiffin.

"I think by saying The Lord's Prayer, it gets us in a wonderful cooperative working mood together. You know, it's a way for everybody to kind of unwind," said Mayor Aaron Montz.

But three weeks ago, the Freedom From Religion foundation, based in Madison, Wisconsin, sent a letter to mayor Montz, objecting to the prayers at Tiffin council meetings.

It said in part, "Prayers of government meetings exclude a significant portion of Americans from the democratic process, are of dubious legality, and are a repudiation of our secular history. The best solution is for the Council to drop these prayers altogether."

While it did not threaten legal action, it urged council to uphold the separation of church and state. But council members insist the prayers will not stop.

"Well I'm sorry, that's just tough. And that's why we're elected officials. And my term is up in a year and a half and if people are offended by what I do, then run for the job," said Councilman Jim Roberts.

Toledo City Council also prays before their regular meetings. Councilman Jack Ford said America was based on prayer and it's a good way to begin their meetings.

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