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West Toledo residents concerned after stray bullet hits door

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

People in one Toledo neighborhood say they're worried for their safety after a bullet damaged a home, and was then found by a child.

People who live on Hazelhurst Avenue in west Toledo say they are not sure who fired the shot, or where the bullet came from. They say they usually feel safe in their neighborhood, but the stray bullet that damaged a front door has them on edge.

They say they've been hearing a lot of gunshots lately. They're afraid someone may be randomly shooting into the air. They say thankfully it was only a door that that bullet hit, but they're afraid they might not be as lucky next time.

"It's the same height as where kids stand. Anybody you know, they could be coming in and out and it could hit them in the stomach or the back and it did some damage to the door and it could have done some damage to the human body," said one concerned resident, who did not want to be identified.

That resident says her child found the bullet while looking for Easter eggs.

Residents say they filed a police report about the incident, and have noticed more TPD patrols in the area recently.

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