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Call 11 For Action: Couple waits a year to receive wedding photography

The Creekmore's with Brandon Jones The Creekmore's with Brandon Jones
Contracts and paperwork from the company Contracts and paperwork from the company
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TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

One Toledo couple is approaching their one-year wedding anniversary and they have already hit a rough patch. Not with each other though; this issue concerns their wedding photographer.

The couple says they have not received the wedding pictures they were promised.

"These are the only photos I have," said newlywed Alisa Creekmore.

Alisa Creekmore and her husband Jason Creekmore are looking through their wedding photos.

"I don't have any with my mom… It's a hassle, and it's upsetting," said Alisa Creekmore.

The couple is just a few weeks away from celebrating one year of marriage on May 10 and they still don't have all of the photos from their wedding day. The couple says they paid Ken Kilman, owner of New Image Photography in Toledo, a little more than $1,300 for digital photo, plus an additional 31 prints.

The 31 prints, according to Alisa and Jason, should have arrived six to eight weeks after the wedding.

"We've given him what he wanted. All we want is what we are owed," said Jason Creekmore.

Alisa decided to give our Call 11 For Action team a call. We went to Kilman's business a short time after meeting the Creekmore's and no one answered the door.

Kilman called later that day. We set up an interview, and then he canceled.

"I did some further investigation and looked at some different file records and actually the reason why Alisa Creekmore does not have her photos is because she still has a balance on her account. She has a balance of $20 and that's the reason that none of this was shipped to her," Kilman said through a voicemail.

Alisa said she couldn't believe it when she heard the voicemail. She stated that Kilman never told her about a balance, despite the emails sent to him and the number of phone calls inquiring about her photos.

We wanted to set up a time to get the photos, and once again Kilman stalled over the phone. We showed up for the second time.

"Ken, it's Brandon from Channel 11. Are you at the office?" asked our reporter Brandon Jones.

"Yes I am," said Kilman.

"Do you want to come to the door? I have Alisa out here and she's ready to pay for her photos," said Jones.

Kilman didn't come to the door right then. In fact the back and forth with Ken, Alisa, and Brandon over arrangements and money continued for nearly 30 minutes.

"The bottom line is Ken, we're out here and you told that if she brought $20 that you would give her her photos. Where are her photos Ken?" said Jones.

Kilman finally decided to let them in, without any cameras, and the rest is history.

"I'm just happy to have my photos. Thank you for everything!" said Alisa Creekmore.

Kilman released a statement after giving Alisa her money stating:

"We have recently had a few customers that have had an unpleasant experience with our firm, and for that we sincerely apologize. Their primary concern has been a communication issue with us. This unfortunate situation was predicated by our change of office procedures and reduction in staffing that we implemented about a year ago. Those changes were obviously colossal failures."

Kilman went on to say his company has implemented several steps to ensure a better experience.

Here is some advice you need to know before hiring a wedding photographer:

• Do your research

• Ask if the rights to the pictures are included in the price.

• Know how long it will take to get your pictures

• Understand the refund policy

• Have a written contract

If you think you have a problem, give Call 11 For Action a call at (419) 255-2255.

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