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Your Week in Viral Videos: Finally, a good baby reveal; fun in flight

More than 5 million people have enjoyed this grandfather-to-be's reaction to the news his daughter is pregnant. (Source: Jessica Hickey/YouTube) More than 5 million people have enjoyed this grandfather-to-be's reaction to the news his daughter is pregnant. (Source: Jessica Hickey/YouTube)

(RNN) – If you haven't heard, Stephen Colbert will be taking over for David Letterman sometime next year.

But did you know he once tried to work for Letterman? He had the opportunity twice, actually. While appearing on the Late Show this week, Colbert relayed a story about how he once dated a girl who interviewed for an internship with Letterman and he interviewed for the same position on a whim and was offered it, but turned it down. The girl? She didn't get offered the job and broke up with him.

Later, Colbert applied as a writer for Letterman by submitting a Christmas-themed Top Ten List of cocktails that could be left for Santa Claus in the place of milk and cookies. But by the time Dave realized the list was good (debatable), Colbert had another job.

Not on Colbert's list, however, was gin and juice, which Colbert's current and future late night rival Jimmy Fallon invoked this week in a mash-up video with a little help from NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams.

What the helium?

Inertia is a fickle beast. Just when you think you know moving forward makes things shift backward due to inertia, some science nerd comes along with a helium balloon and destroys your knowledge of physics.

Except he doesn't, because a different law of science was at play than what you thought. Mind = blown.

Men want grandkids, too

Baby reveals have become such a huge thing it's hard to make one stand out. Usually, a baby reveal video follows a pattern that involves setting up the future grandmother and surprising her with the good news. So, to make yours stand out, surprise the future grandfather. (Actually, no. Don't do it, because now that's been done too.)

According to Jessica Hickey, who uploaded the video to YouTube, her mother passed away several years ago and her father has been asking for grandchildren for a while. His excited reaction is great to see, because he's wearing a Chicago Cubs jacket, which means all of his life to this point has been marked by disappointment (more on this below).

This is your comedian speaking

Videos like this are always great, but they are also proof of just how bad flying is, because this never happens to you.

It's hard to determine what the best part of this Southwest Airlines' flight attendant's comedic safety routine is. She mocks airline fees and small seats, pokes fun at other airlines' rates and implies that if the cabin loses pressure then it's free alcohol for everyone. If only.

The worst part of the video is easy to determine – it was filmed vertically.

Animal of the week

Who doesn't love the affection of a dog? Cats, that's who.

Cats ruin everything. All the dogs in this video just want to be friends, and the cats are too selfish to even do that. While the pups are being friendly and playful, the devil-beast kitties are hissing, biting and attacking them. Why do people still have these little monsters?

There is some good news, though. By the end of video, dogkind has won an important victory over the catriarchy, proving the love of a good dog can warm even the coldest, blackest heart. Team dog FTW.

More stuff for when you're bored

Two things are really popular right now: Frozen and Game of Thrones. Some genius decided to combine the two by writing an alternate version of Let it Go as an homage to Game of Thrones. It may or may not sum up the series perfectly for people who haven't seen it, and it may or may not contain spoilers.

The dialogue in Twilight is probably improved by a bad lip read, but it still can't make Kristen Stewart show emotion.

Zebras are cool. Donkeys are, well, donkeys. But a zonkey? That's where it's at.

"Football" rivalries are intense. People take their love of soccer to stupid degrees. Among these is having a dog that growls and shows its teeth every time you mention someone who plays for Barcelona.

Baseballs get "crushed" all the time – usually toward South America, but General Electric decided to crush one for spring break. Wait, what? GE does rigorous testing on different materials to make them better and wanted to know what would happen if they squashed a baseball, rubber duck, silver goblet and rubber band ball, because when you have a machine that creates 100,000 pounds of pressure, that's what you do.

You know what else got crushed this week? A young Cubs fan's spirit when the team did what only it could do and lost in the ninth inning on Wrigley Field's 100th birthday. He was much more unfortunate than the kid who got to play catch with a Houston Astros pitcher.

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