Construction set to repair potholes, flooding problems in Maumee

MAUMEE, OH (Toledo News Now) - Potholes and drainage problems have been serious issues for years for people living on Sophia St. in Maumee.  Now, construction is set to fix those problems, and some residents are bothered about how it's being funded.

Mariam Abdulhadi has been living on rocky and bumpy Sophia St. for 27 years.

"When it rains we have a lot of water here," she said.  "I need a boat to get out of my house."

Sewer problems have plagued this commercial street for years, but things are looking up.

In about three weeks, construction will begin on new curbs and gutters,  new pavement, sidewalks, waterlines and new sanitary and storm sewers.

The lots are expected to create proper drainage, which would eliminate the standing water problem many residents are dealing with.

Construction will close the street to everyday traffic.  It is recommended drivers take the Anthony Wayne Trail as an alternative route.

The project will cost a little more than $2 million.  City officials say funding will come from property owners and several grants.  Some of the residents are upset about having to foot some of the bill themselves.

"We're paying taxes, where do the taxes go?" said Abdulhadi.

A front footage assessment to help pay for the road was approved, so each property owner will be charged accordingly.

The project is expected to be complete in late September.