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Only on 11: State troopers, pilots patrol from the sky

Ali Hoxie riding in the airplane! Ali Hoxie riding in the airplane!
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Troopers are taking an overhead approach to ticket fast drivers. As an aircraft enforced state, planes are above our interstates watching us drive.

Only on 11: Our reporter Ali Hoxie went up in the sky with troopers to see how it's done.

"That just caught me off guard. I did not know that I was speeding, then they said they caught me by plane and I was like wow I didn't know that they even did that," said Rashard Burwell.

Burwell was one of five people ticketed Thursday morning on the Veterans Glass City Skyway. He didn't get a ticket the standard way. He was clocked by a trooper in the clouds.

Ohio State Patrol runs an airplane patrol unit. Now that warmer temperatures have arrived, they say they will be taking to the skies even more.

"As the weather gets nicer I am responsible for this area, so I try to get up here at least several times a week," said Trooper Jonathan Nagy.

Pilots have their own system for clocking drivers.

"Every quarter mile there is a hash mark on the roadway, and when that vehicle enters the first hash mark you start to watch, when it hits the next hard mark you stop the watch, and it gives you a speed read out along with the elapse time of that quart," said Nagy.

Nagy says he is looking for cars that stand out to him against the general flow of traffic. Once he clocks in the time, he calls down for patrol on the ground to catch up with the speeder.

The plane is used for more than just catching fast drivers.

"As those vehicles are being called off they can, you know the troopers are getting them for DUI arrest. You know we are finding drugs and all kinds of stuff, seat belt violations, everything, and it just has to do with multiplying the number," said Nagy.

In 2012, 42 people were arrested for drunk driving in Ohio due to air patrol. In 2013, 32 people were arrested due to air patrol.

"I'm going to pay the ticket because that was my fault. I didn't know but I mean if that is how they got to catch people then that is how they have got to catch people," said Burwell.

Air patrol is also responsible for ticketing 1,364 people driving over 90 miles per hour last year. The plane is also used for a variety of other things including school bus safety week, and to look for marijuana growth.

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