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A Carl Monday Investigation: Black market butt injections


Area women looking for a better butt could end up with a toxic tush.

Females who spent thousands to enhance their behinds have landed in the hospital, or worse, dead. 

The FDA says the injections are illegal. But Carl Monday and his undercover team had no problem finding them on the black market in Cleveland.

Monday sent a potential customer undercover into the Noble Road Family Practice & All In One Weight Loss Clinic in Cleveland Heights. She was there for a one-on-one consultation with Sonya Ladson, who says she is a medical assistant.  

"I do butt injections," Ladson said. 

"How much do they cost?" asked the woman. 

"It depends on what size," Ladson said. "They start at $2,000."

But when Monday confronted Ladson the next day, Ladson denied even working at the Clinic. 

"I got kind of a small butt," Monday noted.  "Wondered if I could get one of those butt injections?"  

"Seriously?" Ladson said. 

"Who does those?" Monday inquired. "Does anybody do those?"  

"No, not that I know of," Ladson said.  

"You don't do them?" Monday asked. 

Ladson's response: "No."

Ladson's reply may come as a surprise to two area women, who were recently hospitalized after getting the injections from Ladson.  One spent 16 days in the hospital with cellulitis and an abscessed buttocks. 

"I think she should go to jail," says one of the victims. "She's playing with people's lives.  I want this stopped before this happens to anyone else."

Ladson has been in trouble with the law before.  Six years ago, she was convicted of writing illegal prescriptions.  Dr. Barry Brooks, who operates the Noble Road clinic has his own legal troubles. He recently pleaded guilty to Medicaid fraud and could lose his Ohio Medical license.

Did Brooks know what was going on behind closed doors at the clinic? Monday made several attempts to reach Brooks without success.

19 Action News made period checks at the clinic in recent days.  It appeared closed.  A note on the back door advised the mail man to deliver any mail to the convenience store next door.

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