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Photographer captures wedding for free; bride pays her back

Aurora Aurora

One Valley woman is paying it forward to her wedding photographer who took pictures of her ceremony for free.

Now the photographer's daughter is in need of some help.

"She did an amazing job," Breeanne Burton said.

Wedding photography is not cheap and when Breeanne Burton and her husband, Luke, got ready to tie the knot, they were on a tight budget. Their photographer, Robin Seger offered to do the whole ceremony for free.

"I credit because it was just something so beautiful, so nice, so kind of someone who didn't even know me to offer," Burton said.

"It's a lifetime event. They need to have that to mark their memories, and so you know, that's just me. I just say, 'I'll do it,'" Seger said.

Burton has been looking for a way to Pay It Forward to Seger ever since.

As promised, she spread the word about Seger's photography business, but it was Seger's post about her 11-year-old daughter, Aurora, that made Burton contact CBS 5.

Aurora suffers from a rare muscle disease that keeps her on the sidelines for many activities.

She was nominated by her school and picked for a very special month-long learning trip to Alaska, but it costs $4,000, an amount her family can't afford.

This week, Burton, with the help of CBS 5's Pay It Forward, presented Seger with $500 cash.

"It just means so much that somebody who I barely know, I just met her a few months ago, would care enough to want to help me and my family," Seger said.

Aurora still has about $3,500 to go.

"We'll get there, I have faith we will, eventually, hopefully, that's all I can do is keep praying," Seger said.

There are fewer than 300 people in he U.S. who share Aurora's disease.

If you'd like to help her make it to Alaska, she has a fundraising site,

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