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Family who cared for Amanda Bacon’s infant still needs closure

Amanda Bacon Amanda Bacon
Avery Avery
LUCAS COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Amanda Bacon, the mother convicted of killing her son, is now on her way to prison. Thursday April 24 the judge handed down the maximum sentence.

Bacon showed little expression as the judge handed her a life sentence at the Lucas County courthouse. She will be eligible for parole after serving 15 years of that prison term. So far she has served a little over two years at the Lucas County jail while awaiting her trial.

"We didn't have an eye witness so we had to put the pieces of the puzzle together and the jury did a fantastic job," said Frank Spryszak, prosecuting attorney.

Before handing the sentence down, the judge read a letter from David Skrapenski, a man who testified in the trial. Skrapenski is currently serving time for an unrelated crime, but said he and his family cared for baby Avery for many months when Bacon could not care for him.

"I wish we could have done more to prevent this more, to make sure he was safer more, to make sure he was okay… I viewed him as a little brother," said Heaven Bowels, who cared for baby Avery.

The family has dozens of pictures from baby Avery's short life. The family says they were pleased with the verdict, but said it does not give them closure.

"Her admitting to what she did and her giving us reason as to why she did what she did would give us closure," said Bowels.

The family said they hoped to adopt Avery.

"I don't care if she gets out of prison or not, I just don't want her to have another child and do this to another family or innocent life," said Bowels.

The family said they hope to carry on Avery's legacy by providing help for mothers like Bacon.

"I'll always remember his smile. That's the most important thing," said Bowels.

Bacon will remain at the Lucas County jail until she is evaluated by a substance abuse organization. She will then be sent to the state's women's prison.

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