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Kynard jumps in grocery store high jump event

The event area inside the supermarket The event area inside the supermarket
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Waukee, IA (CNN) - Shoppers in an Iowa grocery store got more than they expected in the produce aisle Monday April 21.We're not talking about a sale on fruits or vegetables, but a high jump competition.

Near the produce, next to the deli, and right past the almonds is a first of its kind high jump extravaganza.

"To be right here in the front row for something spectacular, never been done before and I think it's amazing," said Drew Holmes.

Drake Relays organizers have learned the power of bringing their event from the stadium to the people, and they cleared an entire Hy-Vee supermarket produce and fruit department to make room for the star studded event.

The jumpers, like Olympic silver medalist Erik Kynard, love the idea.

"You have to take banana peels into consideration; you have to take in pedestrians, carts, little kids and lot of things to take into consideration and try not to kill yourself," said Kynard.

The crowd loves it too.

"First of all they're tall, they're very good athletes, and then the speed. It's amazing how they will start at the back of our Hy-Vee store and run all the way up to the front in a matter of seconds," said Darin Hirl.

This is all for fun. The high jumpers will be back on Saturday for the real competition at the official relays. Knowing hundreds of grocery shoppers probably watched high jumping for the first time raises the bar for these amazing athletes.

"If it's creating more buzz about track and field and getting more fans for our sport it's a good thing," said Sharon Day-Monroe.

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